Arjan van Bekkum



Arjan is passionate about problem-solving for customers with the help of technology. He vastly identifies patterns and has the ability to come up with innovative new ways to solve problems. Arjan is a strong player in a team that needs to innovate and re-imagine software using the latest industry new adopted, and proven technology. He is a real team player and helps colleagues to thrive in their team. Arjan connects with new colleagues very fast and will be the go-to person for a team in no time. Not only from a technical perspective but also from an architectural and personal perspective. Arjan is someone who always takes a step more than expected. He is goal-driven and constantly on the lookout for new ways to improve his work and himself. Arjan love to learn new techniques, technologies, and ways to improve himself. Arjan is someone who can lead teams to success. When you ask him to take ownership of something, you can always rely on him to deliver on the promise.