SQL Server Administration and Maintenance

SQH10 Implementing Auditing in SQL Server 2012


11:00am - 12:15pm

Level: Introductory

David Dye


Cape Coral Police Department

SQL Audit provides the ability to track and log activities and changes at the instance or database level built upon SQL Audit Extended Events, which provides both synchronous and asynchronous capabilities. The granularity of events that can be monitored and tracked with SQL Audit can only be matched by means of using a SQL Profiler trace, but provides reduced overhead. This presentation will provide insight into the internals of SQL Audit, along with how to plan, create, and monitor instance and database level audits.

You will learn:

  • Different technologies available in SQL Server to audit
  • To implement auditing in SQL Server
  • To create a server audit specification
  • To create a database audit specification