SQL Server Administration and Maintenance

SQH02 Virtualizing SQL Server (Yes, You Can)


8:00am - 9:15am

Level: Intermediate

Don Jones


Curriculum Director for IT Pro Content


Is it safe to virtualize SQL Server? Yes! If you don't screw it up, that is. And just about everyone does. In this concise session, you'll get the hard facts on SQL Server virtualization - whether you're using Hyper-V, vSphere, Xen, or anything else - along with a simple checklist of what to do, and what NOT to do, to maintain SQL Server performance levels. You'll also get monitoring tips and tricks, and some advice about using virtualization for high availability that you may not have previously considered.

You will learn:

  • Learn what to NEVER do when virtualizing SQL Server
  • Discover hidden benefits of virtualization for SQL Server