SQL Server in the Cloud, Workshops

SQF01 Workshop: Cloud Ready - Preparing Yourself for Azure SQL Databases


8:00am - 5:00pm

Level: Intermediate

Arie Jones

Arie Jones

Director of Emerging Technologies

Perpetual Technologies, Inc.

The cloud is coming and now is the time for database administrators and developers to embrace this new and exciting platform. This full day session will bring you up to speed on Microsoft's implementation of a cloud based database solution known as Windows Azure SQL Database and the many facets that this data tier encompasses. You will learn not only about all the good things in the cloud but also some of the possible pitfalls and how you can avoid or get around them. First we will delve into the architecture of the Azure SQL platform and the advantages and disadvantages over more traditional on-premise environments. Next we will take a deep dive into the development, deployment, and administration aspects involved in a typical Azure SQL environment. Then we will look at how you can overcome typical problems with large or multi-tenant environments by utilizing Azure Federations to elastically scale your database solution. Once you understand the database basics, we will look at enhancing your solutions by leveraging other external entities like Storage Services, Data Sync, and Azure SQL Reporting. Along the way we will be using real life code, demos, and use cases to firmly ground your learning in reality and separate fact from fiction in regards to cloud based solutions. If you are looking for a one day event that can get you up to full speed on the entire platform then this is the session for you!

You will learn:

  • To design, deploy, and administer a SQL Azure based solution
  • Azure Storage Services (Tables, Blobs, & Queues)
  • Advanced tools like Azure Federations, Data Sync, and SQL Reporting in order to scale out solutions