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SQW09 Master Data Services in SQL Server 2012


1:45PM - 3:00PM

Level: Intermediate

Arie Jones

Arie Jones

Director of Emerging Technologies

Perpetual Technologies, Inc.

Most DBAs at one time or another have been taught the importance of master data management (MDM), which is comprised of a set of processes and tools in order to keep your non-transactional data in a consistent state. However, with today's fast paced environment and tightening budgets most DBAs lack the resources to properly implement it. With the upcoming release of SQL Server 2012, Microsoft has taken their second swipe at providing a tool known as Master Data Services (MDS) to aid the DBA in this endeavor. In this session, you will learn the how Master Data Services is implemented in SQL Server 2012, setting up models, working through the Excel plug-in, and utilizing DQS and business rules to help with that dirty data. This session will definitely be an eye opener for some that were on the fence with the first release, and those that are coming into the platform with a fresh set of eyes!

You will learn:

  • The basic principles that revolve around Master Data Management as it pertains to the Master Data Services platform in SQL Server 2012
  • How to implement a basic Master Data Services project from setup to model creation
  • How to leverage external tools like the Excel Add-in and Data Quality Services (DQS) to enhance the Master Data Services experience