Business Intelligence and Big Data with the Microsoft Stack, For Database Administrators

SQW16 Real-World SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services BISM Models


4:00PM - 5:15PM

Level: Introductory to Intermediate

Lynn Lagit

Lynn Langit

Data Wrangler

Lynn Langit

In this session we will take a deep dive into using the new BI Semantic Model in Analysis Services using examples from multiple industries - i.e. education, healthcare, open source government, etc. Lynn will compare and contrast using the DUM to create OPAL cubes vs. using the new lightweight BISK.

Lynn will also cover client implementations, including Excel, Power Pivot, SharePoint (SIRS and Power View) and custom clients.

You will learn:

  • The what, when, why of the BISM
  • Compare and contrast using OLAP cubes vs. BISM models
  • How to build real-world BISM models
  • Understand BISM client choices