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SQW01 Utilizing Knowledge Bases with Data Quality Services in SQL Server 2012


9:15AM - 10:30AM

Level: Intermediate

Arie Jones

Arie Jones

Director of Emerging Technologies

Perpetual Technologies, Inc.

Data operations are not only about getting data in and out of a given system but also ensuring that the data is suitable for usage. We've all heard of the phrase Bad data in, bad data out, and what good is data to us if we cannot ensure that it is correct. Most of the time we write lots of code within stored procedures and functions to compensate for our lack of a system that can help us out with this part of the data food chain. Lucky for us, Microsoft SQL Server 2012 comes with a product known as Data Quality Services (DQS), whose main goals are not only improve your data quality but also to make it much easier to implement and maintain. In this session, we will be looking at what it takes to get DQS up and running in your environment, how to set up Knowledge Bases, and how to utilize the system with tools like SSIS and Master Data Services.

You will learn:

  • The basic components involved within the Data Quality Services (DQS) platform in SQL Server 2012
  • How to setup, monitor, and utilize Knowledge Bases within the DQS environment
  • How to integrate and utilize the DQS environment with Master Data Services and SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)