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SQT09 Page & Row Compression Deep Dive with SQL Server 2012


4:15PM - 5:30PM

Level: Advanced

Bradley Ball

Sr. Consultant – Premier Support for Developers


Page and Row Compression are powerful new tools. Page & Row with SQL 2008 RTM, and Page & Row with Unicode Compression with SQL 2008 R2, and now Spatial Data in SQL 2012. We can turn it on, we can turn it off, but we want more! What are Access Methods and how in the SQL Engine do they affect Compression? What are the "Gotchas” of Page Compression? How does Compression differ in the way it treats Non-Leaf & Leaf Level pages? What additional functionality did we get in DBCC Page, DMV's, Perfmon Counters, and Extended Events to support our usage of Compression? Come find out!

You will learn:

  • A Deep Knowledge of what occurs internally in SQL Server when Page & Row Compression are in use at a record, page, and transactional level in multiple SQL Server Versions (2008, 2008 R2, and 2012)
  • A Deep Knowledge of what tools to use to monitor Compression using Perfmon, DMV's, and Extended Events
  • A Deep understanding of what types of data are candidates for compression and what types are not, and Scripts to assist you in each