Monitoring, Maintaining, and Tuning, For Database Administrators, For IT Professionals

SQT03 Trimming Indexes, Getting Your Database in Shape


11:00AM - 12:15PM

Level: Intermediate

Bradley Ball

Sr. Consultant – Premier Support for Developers


Indexes are a wonderful thing. We should be using them, and we should be maintaining them. But over time our production databases start to look a little pudgy around the mid-section. Maybe they are a little bloated with Unused Indexes, maybe they have Duplicate Indexes, and possibly even Reverse Indexes. The first step to fixing these problems it so see if you have them and if you do the second is to set about fixing them. You could be costing yourself CPU cycles, I/Op's, and space and never even know it.

You will learn:

  • A General understanding of the B-Tree structure of Indexes and how SQL Server navigates them
  • The difference between a Clustered Index and Non-Clustered Indexes
  • An understanding of what Duplicate Indexes, Reverse Indexes, and Un-used Indexes are, and how to identify them. Scripts that will assist in identifying them for you.