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SQT02 Building Robust SSIS Packages


11:00AM - 12:15PM

Level: Intermediate

David Dye


Cape Coral Police Department

Typical SSIS package development focuses on the known, the data source, transformations, and destinations, but often fails to address the unknown, schema changes, data type mismatches, and change within the network environment. Development must come from a starting point, the known, but should also insure that an SSIS package provides portability, stability, and resilience.

You will learn:

The tasks and techniques used to make an SSIS 2012 package portable, stable, and record and report package metrics. We will focus on three primary topics and how each can be met with the tools available inside SSIS.

  • Portability: SSIS Parameters, Deployment paths
  • Stability: Dynamic Error Handling, Control Flow, Data Flow, Storing task and package errors
  • Reporting: Capturing package metrics, Storing metrics, Reporting package metrics

This session focuses on SSIS 2012 as well as SSRS 2012, which is used to provide in-depth reports for all package metrics.