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Live! 360 Panel: Industry Trends, Technology, and Your Career


11:30am - 12:30pm

Level: Everyone

Francois Charette

Senior Vice President, Engineering


Martin Leifker

Vice President, Digital Innovation and Solutions

Texas Mutual Insurance Company

Rockford Lhotka



Matt Lockhart

Executive Vice President


Technological competency is definitely one aspect to being a highly sought after professional, but how can you really set yourself apart from your colleagues? What are technology leaders looking for now and into the foreseeable future when they build out teams to support key initiatives? These are just some of the questions that this Live! 360 panel will address.

This panel discussion brings together executive leaders who are guiding their organizations through extraordinary transformations. The panelists will share their insights on the top trends companies are looking to incorporate into their business models, how those trends manifest in technology, and what it means for the technology professional looking to build their career.  Attendees will leave this panel session with a clear understanding of what the future holds for business technology, and what they should do to proactively develop themselves into highly sought after talent that stands apart from the crowd.

Topics being covered include Digital Transformation, Agile Transformation, and the 2nd generation of Cloud Consumption.