The Real Cloud

TMT03 Learn What It Takes to Build a Cockpit Alike View for Monitoring all of Your Azure Resources


9:15am - 10:30am

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Peter De Tender

Microsoft Cloud Solution Architect


With partners and customers deploying more and more Azure components, both IAAS and PAAS, in a pure Azure cloud or hybrid approach, requires having decent monitoring capabilities at their disposal. In this session, you will learn how to interconnect existing Azure monitoring solutions to an F–16–alike cockpit view; letting you monitor all of your Azure Resources leveraging on the power of Operations Management Suite (OMS) Log Analytics and Application Insights, spiced up with a pinch of PowerBI and some custom Azure dashboard.

You will learn:

  • The architectural side and feature possibilities of Operations Management Suite, for monitoring your IT Infrastructure end–to–end
  • The powers of Application Insights, providing you detailed metrics of your in–Azure deployed applications
  • How to build custom Azure portal views by integrating Operations Management Suite, Azure Application Insights and Azure monitor with PowerBI, and feel like a Jet fighter pilot in an F16 Cockpit