SQL Server Administration and Maintenance, Workshops

SQM01 Workshop: SQL Internals, Optimization, and Indexing Deep Dive


8:00am - 5:00pm

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Bradley Ball

Sr. Consultant – Premier Support for Developers


Congratulations you're a SQL Server DBA/Developer/BI Developer. How does SQL Server work? We have tables, views, and indexes. We write queries. How do the queries and the tables work together? Have you ever wondered? Why should you? Understanding how SQL Server works internally helps you understand how and when to use SQL Server to solve business problems. We need to understand the relational engine, index, transaction log, data, and locking internals. We need to know how these apply to business decisions that we make every day! Most importantly we need demos! Join SQL Server MVP Bradley Ball as we dive into the SQL Server Internals spanning from the Query Processor, through the Storage Engine, the Plan Cache and everything in between.

You will learn:

  • Five key areas that will give hands on learning and key concepts or why an attendee should understand Internals and how they apply to every day administration and maintenance of SQL Servers
  • A deeper understanding of the query optimizer, plan cache, and indexes to deliver better performing queries
  • How locking, blocking, and deadlocks affect SQL Server performance. Plus how to identify and fix them